Dice FAQ

What are the dice made of?

My dice are primarily made of resin, with various different glitters, mica powders and inks used for coloring. I use acrylic paints to ink the numbers.

Are the dice balanced?

The dice are well balanced for your tabletop gaming needs! I cure my dice under high pressure to reduce air bubbles and voids that might exist in mold injected dice. I also sand and polish all my dice by hand to ensure all faces and corners are the same size.

Additionally, to offset the potential for unfair rolls, the dice are numerically balanced so that there is an equal chance of rolling high and low.

What about inclusions?

Most of the inclusions are made of the same material that the dice are made of, so that they do not affect the balance. Inclusions that aren't made of resin, such as glitter, are generally light enough to not affect the balance in a normal gaming setting!


Where are you located?

Finland, Europe. I make all my dice here in my little dice lab.

Do you ship to [country]?

I currently ship all around the world! For more info on shipping, go here.

Feel free to contact me with any unanswered questions!